Wednesday, August 11, 2010

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We just got a ton of new Supra's in these last 2 or three weeks. One of the best ones, these may be the best Supra Dixon colorway yet. The Supra Dixon's in Black Royal Suede, these things are sooooo good. Black Suede uppers with a royal blue suede to make this thing pop off. The Dixon's are a great skate shoe. We love the Antwuan Dixon Signature shoe here at Blindside.

Come by and check these out along with the other Supra's that we have. Any good skate shoe that Supra makes we have, so come by cop some shoes and a skate and get out on them streets. We are located right behind the New Del Taco in Layton, Utah on main street. We are located at 721 N. Main Street, Layton Utah. Or give us a call at 801.593.9300, or online at

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